Testimonials From DRTV / Infomercial Industry Pros

Testimonials are one of the most powerful tools of any infomercial. That’s because it’s much more credible to have someone else sing your praises than to sing them yourself. So, I’m going to shut up now and let these top infomercial professionals tell you what they think of my work.


 “Andrew gets direct response 100%!”

– Linda Brooks, Producer @ Monte Brooks Productions


“Andrew Allan’s scripts give every production a real chance for success. Without that, you’re taking a big risk.”

– Tim Harrington, Owner HM3 & DRTV Legend


“Andrew directed a wonderful long-form show for us. His unique combination of writing and directing skills, combined with his overall experience in the industry, made our celebrity talent feel comfortable and perform at their best. The footage came out great and we’re sure the show will be beautiful. We look forward to working with Andrew again.”

-Toli Cefail, Exec Producer & Creative Director
The CShop


“Talented, fast, and dependable. My kind of professional.”

– Herschell Gordon Lewis, Direct Marketing Hall of Famer


“I’ve worked with hundreds of writers over the years, essay writers, reporters, analysts and copywriters. The best among them know how to tell stories and sell ideas. Andrew Allan is very good at both and a pleasure to work with.” 

– Mark Ford, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Direct Marketing Consultant


“Thank you again for a STELLAR job.”

– Kirsty Baransys, RxGenesys Skincare

Good testimonials, indeed.

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