The Scoop

The Scoop

Infomercial Script Writer & Director

So…you have a fantastic product. You want it to sell big time.

And, you know infomercials are the way to go. (Sound thinking.)

Thus…you need the right message. And, the best images to persuade people to buy it.

But…you don’t want to waste your money. Or miss the opportunity. You DO want to work with an industry-proven pro.

Okay then…

I’m an award winning, in-demand DRTV and infomercial script writer and director. Short form, long form, and international. Spots and shows. Top DRTV production and marketing companies love my work. You’ve probably seen it on TV. And in a store near you. I’ve helped big brands expand. Launched hundreds of products in virtually every product category. I’m pretty good at this stuff.

Let’s get your infomercial started. Check out the links above for more information then give mea call at 727-204-7453. Or write me here.  You can also tweet me here



PS Have you considered how to optimize your spot or show to make more money online? Few marketers have, and it’s a costly mistake. If you haven’t, don’t worry. I can help you there, too. Call 727-204-7453 today to ask me how.

An expert says…

“I’ve worked with hundreds of writers over the years, essay writers, reporters, analysts and copywriters. The best among them know how to tell stories and sell ideas. Andrew Allan is very good at both and a pleasure to work with.” 

– Mark Ford, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur, Direct Marketing Consultant


“Andrew Allan’s scripts give every production a real chance for success. Without that, you’re taking a big risk.” 

– Tim Harrington, Owner HM3 & DRTV Legend

An antique print revealing the first ever pitch by an Infomercial Script Writer. It depicts a Chinaman presenting a scroll box atop the As Seen On TV logo. His prospective buyers are seriously considering his pitch, especially given the Buy One Get One Free offer.

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