Secret Tips

Secret Tips


SECRET TIP: Your Infomercial Is An Online Content Bomb Ready to Explode Sales

Consider this fact:

A 30-minute infomercial is simply a compilation of useful, informative, demonstrative, problem solving content. And, that’s exactly what the online world wants. Customers, viewers, and search engines can’t get enough good, concise content. But, they want to see it where they’re already watching: Social media.

30-minute shows fit on social media about as well as an elephant fits in high heels.

But, if your show is written in a strategic, modular fashion, it can be optimized to work anywhere in social media…boost your traffic…and, most importantly, make mammoth sales.

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SECRET TIP: Does Your Product Solve Too Many Problems?

Here’s the first of many secret tips I’ll be sharing, which will help on your next project…

I recently worked on a script that had an all-too-common problem. My client wanted to state too many product benefits in the product’s USP – unique selling position. The result was a confusing run-on sentence that resulted in an utterly forgettable USP.

Your USP needs to clearly – and simply – position a product in customers’ minds. The best way to do that is to feature just one key benefit of the product in your USP. Here is a good example: “Introducing Aqua Globes, the hand blown glass ornament that waters your plants for you.”

Aqua Globes’ USP is clear, concise, and easy to remember. In fact, a USP needs to be so easy to remember anyone can explain it.

When writing USPs, I always think about what one colleague would say to another at the office after seeing the spot: “Hey, did you hear about those glass bulbs that water your plants for you? Pretty cool. I need those.”

They remember the product AND the benefit and, most importantly, do your selling for you. Why? Because you gave them a ready-made pitch with a simple, but clear USP.

Now, imagine those two people at the office and one says to the other, “Did you hear about that thing that waters your plants and is so pretty it adds a stylish accent to any room in your house so you never have to be embarrassed by your dead, ugly looking plants again?”

The other guy would say, “Huh?” And, the consumers would say, “Nope!”

Simplicity is the key to positioning your product.

Your product has a ton of valuable benefits. But, you need pick the benefit that most appeals to your prospective customers and most distinguishes your product in the marketplace…and lead with that.

Now, what about those other benefits? Don’t worry. They can come later in the script. Benefits have to be prioritized for maximum impact.

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Stay tuned for more Secret Tips!

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