Script Writing

Script Writing

Hit Infomercials Start With a Great Script

You gotta have words, man.

The right ones in the right order. I got ‘em. And, I’ve used them in more than a thousand scripts. Short-form spots, long-form shows, and international work. Virtually every DRTV category.

Infomercial script writing is a collaborative process. I will work with you to ensure the script you get is the script you need to best sell your product. Reach out to me early in the process and I will be glad to help with creative conceptualizing and demo ideas.


Infomercial Script Writing Hits…

Here are a few projects to which I have been fortunate enough to contribute my services:

Clean Reach, Pill Pro, Wonder Purse, Wonder Wallet, Luma Light, Comfort Click Belt, UpCart, Peeps, Rocky Mountain Tumbler, Couch Coat, Booty Maxx, Online Trading Academy, Aqua Globes, Lint Wizard, Trendy Top, Nu Wave Precision Induction Cooktop (#1 long form show), Hot Buns, MicroTouch One, Forever Comfy, American Aviator Watch, Finishing Touch, Snuggie Up, Ceramicore, StoneWell, Dual Saw, Caresse Jeans, Kangaroo Keeper Brite, no! no! Laser Hair Removal, FlexAble Hose, Space Bags, Slim Away, Montel Williams Living Well, Delimano Ceramica, Max Tall, Mitsubishi Unisen, Black N Decker Rapid Roller, Uno Roboto, 1800 Pet Meds

Let’s add your product to that list. Give me a call at 727-204-7453. Or write me here.

An expert says…

“Andrew gets direct response 100%!”

– Linda Brooks, Producer @ Monte Brooks Productions

“Andrew Allan’s scripts give every production a real chance for success. Without that, you’re taking a big risk.” 

– Tim Harrington, Owner HM3 & DRTV Legend

Latest News…

In addition to infomercial script writing, I am now offering direct response email writing. If you have a solid email subscriber list I can give you high quality DR emails designed to sell. Contact me for more info.


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