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This is where I post some of my infomercials, some of my favorite infomercials, and some other jive. Like what you see? Write me here or call me at 727-204-7453.

In the Top 50 (mid-year results)

2017 has brought more success. As of July, I had 4 projects making their way up the charts, including MicroTouch Tough Blade, Baseboard Buddy, Rocky Mountain Tumbler, and Booty Max.

Rollout! – Pill Pro – 3/7/17

Stopped by the local Walgreens this past weekend and discovered Pill Pro on the shelves. Wrote this spot nearly a year ago, but looks like things have finally started to take off for it. You can see the spot here:

Another Hit! – Clean Reach – 2/28/17

This one surprised me. Not that I thought it’s a bad product. But, I hadn’t heard much about it since I wrote it, like two years ago. Fast forward to today and I saw it playing on CNN while on another shoot. Turned out great!

Big Hit! – Rocky Mountain Tumbler – 2/26/17

Everyone has a tumbler. But, those tumblers can’t compare to Rocky Mountain Tumbler. I enjoyed writing this for Blue Moon. Now, it’s a bona fide hit. Take a look…

Even More Hits! – 2/19/17

Hello! I hope your 2017 has gotten off to a great start. Since I last wrote, things have only gotten busier here. But, that’s because success breeds opportunity. Here’s the latest:  The two shows I mentioned in my previous ‘Year In Review’ post have been completed and are testing. Also, the DRMetrix/SciMark True Top 50 DRTV Spots List for the back half of 2016. And, this time I contributed to 4 spots in the Top 50 – #s 4, 18, 29, 45. Here’s how they break down:

#4 – MicroTouch Tough Blade

If you watch sports at all, surely you’ve seen some of these spots…

#18 – Wonder Wallet

This spot (and updates of it) have been trucking along for a couple years now. And, they’re not stopping.

#29 – Simply Straight

This was a big hit, thanks to a very cool product. There have been a rash of copycats since, but this is the original.

#45 – Booty Maxx

This wasn’t even shot until last July (I remember because we were sweating our…booties…off at the beach filming the 15-min version), and already it’s climbing the charts.

Year In Review – 11/30/16

Most people wait until later in December before posting their Year In Review. But, with two long form shows (one in production, one in post), I’m posting this now while I have a moment. In short, 2016 has been nuts. In a good way. I’ve taken part in 79 different DRTV productions. Had several hits, both long and short form. Worked with great new clients. And, if 2017 starts as active my 2016 is going to end, then it should be another busy year. And, I look forward to that. I hope you and I will have the chance to work together in 2017.

More Hits! – 8/2/16

Here’s some cool news, infomercial friends: AdSphere and SciMark just released their True Top 50 Report detailing the most successful 2-min DRTV spots for the first half of 2016. I’m happy to report that three spots I worked on landed in the Top 20. To see which of my spots hit, click each of these ranking numbers: #3, #10, and #18.

New Work – 6/24/16

I recently had the pleasure of directing the new Online Trading Academy long-form show. Great team and a cool product. I’ll post it here when it’s ready.


New Work – 9/21/15

This past May I had the opportunity to direct legendary supermodel Paulina Porizkova for the new RxGenesys skincare system infomercial. Here is a portion of it, which is currently playing on the landing page at

NuWave Precision Induction Cooktop Infomercial

Here’s a show that was a monster hit. #1 long form infomercial for 2012. A great product that lent itself to so many demos. It’s always nice when you can be this literal about other products that waste your money. The NuWave PIC won’t waste a dime.

Trendy Top DRTV Spot

Here’s a fun memorable spot. Another big hit that spent a long time on the retail shelves. In fact, it may still be there. Written for Monte Brooks, a long-time satisfied client.

MicroTouch One DRTV Spot

The first of what has become an on-going series of spots featuring Pawn Stars, uh, star…Rick Harrison. Masterminded by Blue Moon Studios, the Rick spots have been fun to write for. After this spot hit big, Rick tackled Aviator Glasses, Classic Watches, and more.

Forever Comfy DRTV Spot

Another hit for Blue Moon. This one is most recognized for it’s hilarious classic trucker testimonial line, “…and my, my butt.” Humor aside, Forever Comfy provides real comfort and support for people who have to sit longer than they would like.

Hot Buns DRTV Spot

One of the best double entendres ever in an infomercial. Here’s a spot that came my way already produced. But, it wasn’t working. So, I revised the script and it went on to become a solid retail hit that also started the “Hot” line extension that’s all over your local Walgreens to this day. If you have a spot or show that isn’t working, I provide consultation services that can help pinpoint the problem.

Mitsubishi Unisen Infomercial

Here’s a portion of this Moxie Award winning show. A very cool product that Mitsubishi ultimately decided not to push in the ever-changing electronics market. My favorite part: the movie footage playing on the screen while the audio is being mixed is actually from a feature film I directed.

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